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Thememaker.site: Generator Page

Thememaker.site The first telegram themes maker

On this Page you can create your own theme for Telegram Desktop

To create your Theme you need to:

  1. Chose a name for your theme, please don't use special characters or space they could block our webapp.
  2. Chose your colors be carefull your main clolors are the first two.
  3. After you finished the selection of the colors click on submit
  4. On the next page click Download to download your theme
  5. To use your theme you need to send it on telegram
  6. If you don't know where to send the theme, you can send it on our group thememakergroup

Select your theme name, please no space or special characters (use _ for spaces):
Select your Main color:
Select your Secondary color:
Select your third color (Active button background (+ checkboxes background) Active input field line color (normal) Currently selected button background)
Select a color for Primary button background color (and active chat) - Press and hold :
Select a color for (Icons color on hover) :
Select your Text Color:
Select the color for outgoing Messages bubble
Select the color for incoming Messages bubble
Select the color for incoming files bubble
Select the backgound for Active Chat
Select the backgound for The main menu
Please inert the Link to the background image (only .jpg please!)
To Create your theme with the above colors: