Welcome to Telegram Theme Maker

The first Theme Maker for Telegram. Born in few days after the Telegram Anoucement of the themes introduction we want to provide a simple and accesible way to create the themes for the tool we all love. ThemeMaker reached one year cake so we wanted to share some data about it Read it here

Open Source

We believe that information should be free and that collaboration between people can create wonderfull things. This is the reason why we open sourced our Theme Maker so that anyone could improve and fic it. discover more on the Github Page


Simple Version

In the simple version you simpli provide the Name, the main colors and a link to a jpg image.
We take care about anything else!
Simple Version


Complete Version

This Version allows you to simpli change all the theme variables. Perfect for perfectionists who want to control every aspect of the theme.
complete version

Some Important Links


Git Repository

Find our source code on Github Github


Telegram Channel

Stay updated with our latest updates
Telegram Channel


Complete Version

Heres a theme example created with our simple ThemeMaker.site
Theme Example